XMLEspresso 8.0.0

XMLEspresso 8.0.0 is an open source (MIT License) XML editor for creating and maintaining XML documents. XMLEspresso 8.0.0 requires at least Java SE version 7.

Download XMLEspresso 8.0 Microsoft Windows Installer

Download XMLEspresso 8.0 Mac OS 10 Package

Download generic platform XMLEspresso 8.0 Zip and install it by extracting the files in the zip archive. For windows, run XMLEspresso.bat and for Unix execute XMLEspresso.sh (For unix, chmod +x XMLEspresso.sh)

XMLEspresso 8.0.0 Eclipse Plug-in

XMLEspresso XML Editor is also available as an Eclipse Plugin for Eclipse versions 3.6 or higher. From your Eclipse IDE, use Help>Install New Software... to work with the XMLEspresso XML Editor site http://www.nubean.com/eclipse/site

In the Install software dialog, please uncheck Group items by category.

For best results, ensure your eclipse.ini specifies Java max heap size as -Xmx1024m.